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Honeymoons - Italy

"did a fabulous job. surpassed our expectations"

You really did a fabulous job! Every part of the trip was wonderful.Unbelievable food, drink, history, culture, etc. Our guide was amazing! . We saw part of the country that your typical tour does not show you .The cooking class was great! We had a blast .everything was great. We had only great experiences and wonderful memories. Your company has surpassed our expectations and few companies would provide such personal attention. Italy has become a country we truly fell in love with. You will be hearing from us again for future travels.

Mr. & Mrs. Sarubbi



Custom Tour of Italy including Venice

"the experience of a lifetime"

Mrs. Sesani led us through St. Mark's square, sharing Venetian anecdotes regarding the Palazzo Ducale! Soon we were on a quiet street tucked far away from the bustling crowd and in her beautiful home. Although very proper at all times, she made us feel very comfortable and at home in the intimacy of her kitchen. I enjoyed listening to her philosophies on true Venetian cooking, her opinion of Tuscan cooking and, especially, the personal nature of the overall experience. We devoured the fruits of her labor over lunch and, at her invitation, spent time visiting in her lovely salon. We decided to do a walking tour of Venice to take full advantage of Tamara's vast knowledge of the city. We walked until our feet feel off and had time to do the "Doge's Secret Itineraries" (at Tamara's suggestion) that same day. Venice was a place totally separate from Italy, from the rest of the world, for that matter. It certainly has the charm and romance one expects, along with a lot more..nothing will ever erase from our minds the wonderful times, and even the challenges, that come with "la dolce vita" which we were fortunate to live for three weeks. Mille Grazie to you and your team for making our trip the experience of a lifetime.

Catherine and Louis Bland


Venice Wedding with Italy honeymoon

"flowers were beautiful"

Our wedding in Venice was absolutely wonderful and unforgettable! Everything was perfect even down to the last detail! The flowers were beautiful and the Palazzo Cavalli was everything you said it was - elegant. Afterwards, we took pictures in San Marco and the Luna Baglioni! It was fantastic! Also, we went for a once-in-a-lifetime gondola ride! And, the manager of the Luna Baglioni sent us a bottle of Prosecco! Finally, the Antico Martini was out of this world! What a wonderful end to the most beautiful day of our lives! As for the rest of our trip, it was outstanding! We loved Sorrento, Capri, and Roma! We are already wishing for a speedy return to Italy. Again thank you so much for your wonderful (and expert) arrangements! We will keep in touch! With warmest regards,

Florence Novellino and Keith Ott



Italian Restaurants

"the service and food left a lasting memory.delicious"

Everyone raved about the restaurant and we are still talking about it to this day! The atmosphere, service and food left a lasting memory for all of us. It was three hours of delicious food on a perfect day in the perfect town.




Italy Honeymoon

"You met our needs and wishes precisely!"

There is only one word for this honeymoon: PERFECT! You did a fantastic job identifying places for us to go, things to see, accommodations, dining, met our needs and wishes precisely! We will of course recommend your services to anyone interested in a customized vacation to Europe. Nothing could have made this trip better other than making it longer! Thanks for all your help throughout the process of planning the trip and arranging it all for us. You definitely made our honeymoon the vacation of a lifetime!

Ken Jacobs and Margareth Lasecke


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