Tour of Venice

The Grand CanalCobbleston streets & walkwaysThe intimate charm and mystique of Venice, Italy is best observed by getting lost in the narrow, winding, cobblestone streets, where romantic travelers and newlyweds will find refreshing respite from the rush of the rest of the world. Alleyways wind through the city like a maze, and even native Venetians often love to lose themselves on the little canals and hidden streets of this magical city. You may suddenly find yourselves in a picturesque piazza or sunny garden with no one around, or you might come upon interesting shops and outdoor cafés where you can relax and enjoy a rinfresco.

Little canals of the magical city

Wherever you tour in Venice the people and the places will not let you go until they have captured you, charmed you and created wonderful memories which you will cherish forever.

A good way to begin your walking tour in Venice is to follow the Grand Canal as it meanders around the city, emerging at the unforgettable vista of the Piazza San Marco. St. Mark's Square boasts a Capanile. Behind the Doge's Palace there is a residential quarter, Castello, which has not lost its authenticity after all these years. In this area there are some truly delightful sections with charming bridges and a large green park.

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