Venice: The Mystical City of Italy

Venice charms visitors with its mystical aura. This city, which appears to be floating on water, veiled in ethereal fogs, was built on hundreds of small islands joined by bridges. Long sand bars or barrier beaches in the outer area of the lagoon serve as its protectors against the sea. Houses are built on top of ancient wooden pilings often numbering in the thousands. To build a church, however, it took over a million.

There are a great number of wonderful lanes, canals, squares and narrow streets scattered all over with no clear pattern. Tiny archways connect ancient buildings and sidewalks; windows sparkle with flashes of water; and flowers spill down from charming balconies over the tops of passing boats. The atmosphere is magical - inexplicably festive.

Venice the floating city The song of romance is everywhereTiny archways connect ancient buildings

In Venice you will not hear any noisy traffic, just the soft sound of lapping water against the sides of marble buildings from the passing vaporetti. A Venezia the song of romance is everywhere in the air.Welcome to the first paradise made for pedestrians!


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