Venice for Romantic Travelers

Hidden treasures and mysteries of VeniceThe intrigue and wonder of Venezia linger on even for those pilgrims who return frequently. Venice's museums and palaces contain some of the most admired art, sculpture, period furnishings and decorations in the world. Hidden treasures and mysteries silently await discovery by new lovers. A thousand years of artistic geniuses built fabulous architectural forms and filled them with world-class masterpieces. Many splendid piazze and private palazzi testify to the extra- ordinary maritime power and wealth of the Repubblica Marinara that once governed trade routes all over the world. No billionaire today could buy, commission or build what the Venetians did then. There just isn't anyone capable of doing it. After centuries of repeated invasions from foreign armies that subjugated Italy, frequently removing its art and treasures, Italians today are glad to peacefully host tourists from all over the world. Travelers to Venice will return home with the intangible treasures of romantic memories from Europe's most admired historic and artistic depository.

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